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    Le Corbusier Cité Radieuse buildings

    The apartment block redesigned as a village.

    When he began planning the Cité Radieuse, architect Le Corbusier took a novel approach, innovating in four areas: the integration of the building within the urban surroundings, the new techniques used at the beginning of industrial management, the materials to be used and the inhabitants' comfort regarding to noise, light and ventilation control.

    Thus, the vertical city-garden that he designed has 337 flats for 1 600 people, and many community facilities: shops, offices, a gymn and a nursery school.

    The roof incorporates a terrace from which you can enjoy an exceptional view of Marseille.

    Additional informations

    Open 365 days a year, open to the public free of charge
    Some areas are limited access, enquire on arrival where you can visit
    Non-school group visits are organised exclusively by the Tourist Office in Marseille, book on +33 04 91 13 89 00
    School group visits are organised exclusively by the Architecture, Urbanism and Environment department of the Bouches-du-Rhône, book on +33 04 96 11 01 20


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