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    Rendez-vous in Espace Dali

    You are about to enter the mind of a genius!

    In the heart of Montmartre, ESPACE DALÍ presents the unique permanent exhibition in France entirely devoted to the master of surrealism, and more particularly to his sculptures and engravings.

    You'll travel through a fantasmagorical world and discover over 300 artworks that have contributed to making Dali one of the most famous artists of the XXth century.

    The largest collection in France of Dalí sculptures 

    Dalí’s creative genius transforms into three-dimensional sculpture, bringing forth his most famous and fantastic surrealistic images. The passion to express himself sculpturally lasted throughout his lifetime and each sculpture beholds a dalinian philosophy.
    This superb collection, the most important assembly of Dalí sculptures in France, brings to light the Catalan Master’s imagination, and exhibits an unknown aspect of Salvador Dalí’s work.

    Dalí’s complete collection of rare hand-signed etchings…

    … illustrating the major themes of universal literature, mythology, history, and religion. Salvador Dalí was inspired to create a vast repertoire of personalities, allegories, and unique images.

    Dalí, the undisputed graphic master, undertook the enormous task of illustrating worldly and otherworldly themes in his own expressly surrealistic style. This facet of the artist’s genius is unparalleled by any other artist of the twentieth century.


    • Metro : Anvers (l2) - Abbesses (l12)
    • Bus : n°54 ,80 et Montmartrobus n°64
    • Funiculaire
    • The Little Montmartre Train


    Espace Dalí
    11, rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris
    Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 64 40 10


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