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    From Source to Bottle

    In 1927, the mayor of Volvic decided to take advantage of the treasure represented by the local water. A 700-meter tunnel was dug to the origin of the Goulet River and bottled water from the source was soon available for sale.
    By 1958 the site, which belonged to Sellier-Leblanc, produced 200,000 liters annually.

    In 1961, the Clairvic source was located through boring operations. The year 1965 saw the launch of Oasis, a fruit drink based on Volvic water.
    Perrier acquired the Sellier-Leblanc group in 1984 and Volvic became part of the BSN group (Danone starting in 1997).

    Visitors will learn about the natural benefits of the water, as well as how the water is industrialized and commercialized.

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