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    Getting WiFi in France

    We use the internet for so many of our daily activities that staying connected wherever you go now seems more like a necessity than a luxury.

    When traveling abroad, however, there is usually the question of how to do that without running into high roaming charges (or even whether your mobile device will be able to connect to a global network at all!). If you know you will need to make phone calls, it may be worth it to look into getting a French SIM card, but if what you'll need is primarily a way to get online, a new company has come up with a simple, affordable solution.

    Travel Wifi rents mobile hotspots (also called mifi). It is a small device that fits in your pocket, and allows you to stay connected for your stay in France without paying the huge data roaming costs, at any moment (hotel, street...).


    • Company offering personal Wi-Fi hotspot rental
    • no data roaming costs
    • anytime and anywhere
    • unlimited 4G speed
    • available throughout France
    • Enjoy incredibly fast Wi-Fi
    • Automatic connectivity of all devices
    • English speaking support services
    • flexible and customer orientated.

    How does it work

    • Rent your mobile hotspot with a few clicks on travel Wifi website.
    • The hotspot is delivered via standard mail (France) or courier services (inside Paris) to your French address (hotel, rental flat or house...).
    • Once you have received your hotspot, the connection is absolutely unlimited in 4G speed! 
    • To connect to the internet simply turn on the mobile hotspot, wait a few seconds and connect to the Wifi signal. The Wifi signal can be shared with up to 10 devices at the same time.
    • The return is very easy. We provide you with a prepaid envelope, that you just drop in any mailbox!